September 4th: First serialisation of Taming the Tiger Parent due out in Daily Mail

September 16th: Tanith will be on BBC Radio Birmingham tonight at 11pm

September 18th: Tamer Tiger Parent will be available to buy

September 28th: Taming Tiger Parent clocked up sales of 1,100 in first week

September 30th: Taming the Tiger Parent featured in double page spread in Independent newspaper

October 3rd: Taming the Tiger Parent is an Amazon Best-seller in its category

October 4th: Why do we feel we need to push our kids? See Guardian Families for my article.

January 8th 2015: My new parenting book Girls, Uninterrupted to be released by Icon Books.



Tanith Carey is an award-winning journalist and author, who writes for a variety of publications across the world, including The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and Grazia, among others. She has also written seven books.

Tanith’s latest, Taming the Tiger Parent: How to put your child’s well-being first in a competitive world, published by Little,Brown in September 2014, looks for the first time at how Tiger Parenting became a global force – and how to nurture, without pressurising.

In all her books, Tanith, a mother-of-two, addresses the most pressing issues for today’s families. Her previous book, Where’s My Little Girl Gone? How to protect your daughter from growing up too soon is translated into 11 languages.

A completely revised and expanded version, Girls, Uninterrupted will now published by Icon Books in 2015.

Tanith’s history of the worst agony aunt advice in history, Never Kiss a Man in a Canoe, named one of the best humour books of the year by the Independent on Sunday, Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail, will shortly be re-issued in an e-book format.

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