May 2011: Tanith is intereviewed on the BBC's Woman's Hour and the World Service about the sexualisation of girls

June 2011: Where Has My Little Girl Gone? is exclusively extracted in the Daily Mail in a major three part serialisation.

June 2011: Tanith's piece on Where Has My Little Gone? and the Bailey Review is the cover of Guardian Family

June 2011: Tanith writes in the Independent on Sunday on the effects of pop videos on children's self-image.

June 2011: "Mummy: Will I get fat" Tanith's article on children's body image appears in the Independent.

July 2011: Dr Helen Wright of the GSA reviews Where Has My Little Girl Gone? "if you have a daughter. Read this book now." Read the full review on

August 2011: Read Tanith's comment piece in the Daily Mail on the how eating disorders are affecting chidren as young as five.

August 2011: Tanith is quoted on sexualisation in the South African and Turkish editions of Marie Claire.

July 2011. Where Has My Little Girl Gone? is now in its second reprint.

August 2011: See Tanith's comments about the importance of fathers keeping girls strong on the Huffington Post

November 2011: Tanith speaks about Where Has My Little Girl Gone? at the Girls's School Association Conference in Bristol.

March 2012: The rights to Where Has My Little Girl Gone? have been sold to China, Korea and Finland

Today: Join the Where Has My Little Girl Gone Facebook page to show your support for more action to support children growing up.


Tanith Carey is an author and journalist who writes for a wide range of newspapers and magazines. She has written five books.

Her latest Where Has My Little Girl Gone? How to protect your daughter from growing up too soon is the first hands-on guide for parents on how to handle the challenges of early sexualisation.
Tanith's history of the worst agony aunt advice in history, Never Kiss a Man in Canoe was named one of the best humour books of the year by the Independent on Sunday, Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail.
In her previous book, How to be an Amazing Mum – When You Just Don't Have the Time, Tanith also addressed the time pressures facing modern mothers.
Among the titles she writes for are the Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Independent, the Daily Mirror, You magazine as well as a selection of glossy and weekly magazines.

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